Lalicat Antidetect Browser

Can the antidetect browser prevent the platform from detecting the fingerprint of the browser?

What are the biggest concerns of e-commerce sellers? That has to be the problem of account association, and is there any way to prevent accounts from association?

How are accounts associated?
Most e-commerce platforms will strictly monitor users for a good shopping experience for buyers. If the seller is detected that the account information is repeated and the network environment is the same, it will be judged as associated accounts by the platform, and these accounts will also be banned.

How do prevent accounts from being associated?
The reason for the association problem of accounts is that the seller needs multiple accounts. In fact, there are many ways to prevent the association between accounts. Most platforms detect through the user’s browser fingerprint. In order to prevent the platform from detecting the fingerprint, some sellers directly use multiple computers to avoid it. However, if there are many accounts, this method is unrealistic and the cost is very high.

In fact, to prevent the account from being associated, Lalicat antidetect browser is enough. Lalicat anti-detect browser can create a browser profile, which is equivalent to an independent virtual browser. Vmlogin processes the browser fingerprint by simulating the fingerprint information of the computer, allowing the platform to detect the created virtual browser fingerprint. In this way, the platform naturally cannot detect the user’s real information, so it plays the role of anti-association.

The detection of browser fingerprints by the platform is more like monitoring. Ordinary users are also detected, and the platform will recommend different products to different users. The emergence of the anti-detect browser makes it easier to solve the problem of browser fingerprint detection and makes it easier for users to manage their privacy.