Lalicat Antidetect Browser

How does the antidetect browser work?

Association between accounts is a problem that every cross-border e-commerce has to face. Once the seller’s account is associated, it will cause a lot of unnecessary trouble and cause certain losses to the seller. In order to prevent the account from being associated with the platform, sellers will choose to use the antidetect browser. Can the anti-detect browser really prevent association? How to select the anti Association browser?

What is anti-detect browser?
Why can the platform detect that the seller has multi-account behavior? This is because the browser fingerprint of our computer is making trouble. The browser fingerprint was originally designed to give users a better experience, but the platform can directly track and detect users through the browser fingerprint, which makes users’ privacy completely exposed under the platform. The role of the antidetect browser is to hide information such as users. An excellent virtual multi-login browser can even directly create a new browser to achieve the purpose of anti-association.

What are the excellent antidetect browsers?
Although there are many anti-association browsers, they must be the best in terms of use and user experience. By modifying the Chromium kernel code, Lalicat can directly create multiple virtual browsers that can edit fingerprint information, and then log in with proxy IP. The platform will only think that these accounts are operated by different people to perfectly solve the correlation problem. In addition, Lalicat virtual antidetect browser has a professional technical background, which updates the risk control technology of major platforms and puts the user’s account security first.