Lalicat anti-detect browser

Antidetect Browser VS VPS

When it comes to accounts anti-association, each cross-border e-commerce seller should have his own tricks. After all, if there is no small way, it is difficult to survive in the cross-border e-commerce industry. In cross-border e-commerce user groups, the most commonly used anti-association tool is the anti-detect browser. Some people will say that this is not VPS? What’s the difference?

What is an anti-detect browser?
The anti-detect browser is specially used by cross-border e-commerce users to prevent account association. Each major platform has its own risk control. It is basically not allowed to open more accounts in the cross-border e-commerce industry. If you want to do well in cross-border e-commerce, you will use multiple accounts at the beginning of operation. If you don’t pay attention to account anti-association, it will be easily banned by the platform. Therefore, antidetect browser is a tool that allows sellers to operate with multiple accounts.

What is VPS?
VPS is the abbreviation of virtual private server, which can also help users create multiple accounts. However, in terms of anti-association, VPS has a large resource occupancy rate, and sometimes there will be disconnection. If there are a large number of users are used at the same time, the network speed will slow down. So the difference between VPS and antidetect browser is still very big.

What are the advantages of antidetect browser?
There are still many advantages of anti-detect browser. Taking Lalicat antidetect browser as an example, Lalicat can create multiple virtual browser ptofiles in which users can edit their own browser fingerprints. It also supports proxy IP. Through the fixed environment and IP, the platform can not detect the user’s original computer, creating a truly independent operation environment for the seller, so you won’t worry that the platforms detect accounts association.