Lalicat Antidetect Browser

What are the principle and applications of an antidetect browser?

Popular cross-border e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc., have huge user groups, attracting many users to engage in the e-commerce industry. However, doing business in cross-border e-commerce is not so easy. The most troublesome problem for e-commerce is account association.

What is account association?
It is the most effective and convenient way for cross-border e-commerce sellers to use multi-account operations in their daily store operations. However, with the increase in the number of users on major platforms, the platform will conduct real-time account monitoring through certain algorithms to prevent buyers from encountering multiple similar stores during shopping. By detecting the browser fingerprints of all users, the accounts with multiple account behaviors are associated, and association means being banned. Nowadays, sellers have more than one account on hand. Can’t they use these accounts anymore? Smart sellers have used antidetect browsers.

What is an antidetect browser?
We need to know that the platforms only detect user’s browser fingerprint to judge whether the account is associated. If we make good use of the browser fingerprint, can we achieve the role of anti association? The answer is right, but the browser fingerprint is still a bit complicated. How should we use it? The antidetect browser can do something that ordinary browsers cannot do, that is, modify the browser fingerprint to enable users to achieve the purpose of anti-association.

Lalicat antidetect browser is a software that puts user security first. Based on modifying the Chromium kernel, it generates multiple editable browser fingerprints. Lalicat has isolated users’ real fingerprints, and then connect different proxy IP addresses. The platforms will think that these multiple accounts are all operated by different people, and anti association is naturally achieved.

For the risk control of the platform, Lalicat antidetect browser will also make corresponding updates in time, putting the security of the user’s account number first.