Lalicat Antidetect Browser

How to use an antidetect browser to prevent multiple accounts from association?

TwitterFacebookAmazon, and Shopee have become a battleground for cross-border e-commerce and advertising marketing. But we must first face an enemy – IP association.

IP association is a very serious problem, especially for users operating with multiple accounts, the loss caused by the accounts being banned because of multi-account association is incalculable.

So how to solve the IP association?

(1) Multiple network cables

One network cable can only be connected with one computer, which will generate one IP address. By pulling multiple network cables with multiple computers, multiple IP addresses will be generated to realize IP anti-association.

(2) VPS

VPS is to delimit multiple virtual hosts on one server. Each VPS can be configured with an independent IP address to realize IP anti-association.

(3) Cloud server

Cloud computing server is a host product in the cloud computing service system. One independent IP is used by default for a single line and two independent IPs for a double line. Different numbers of IPs are equipped according to different lines selected by users.

The above three schemes are unsatisfactory. Although pulling multiple network cables is the most direct solution to IP association, it is impossible for users with thousands of accounts. Then is VPS. The main problem of VPS is poor stability. If there is a problem with the main server, all virtual hosts will be paralyzed. Although the cloud server can be equipped with independent IP, its IP quantity is fixed. Increasing IP will result in unlimited bandwidth. So is there a perfect solution?

Lalicat anti-detect browser simulates a new browser by creating a completely virtual cookie, UA, and browser configuration environment, and perfectly realizes the login of multiple accounts on one device. Lalicat anti-detect browser supports mainstream IP proxy services on the market, and each profile can be configured with a clean IP. Moreover, the operation interface of Lalicat antidetect browser is simple and clean. With the official detailed use tutorial, even new users can use it easily.

Lalicat anti detect browser is the perfect choice for cross-border e-commerce and advertising marketing users. Now you can register and get a three-day trial for free. You can experience this product first!