Lalicat Antidetect Browser

Why is the antidetect browser called a privacy browser?

When you want to buy a product online, you will search for the product. In order to choose the product at a cheap price, you will check multiple stores. However, you will receive many advertisements for related products. The situation dues to the browser fingerprints.

At present, most websites will implant some tracking codes into the website to obtain our data. These data include our computer hardware and software information, browser models, and commonly used websites. This technology has also been used in the e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Shopee, and others, and it is very accurate for user identification.

How to get rid of browser fingerprint tracking?
Lalicat antidetect browser
is a special tool to deal with this situation. It can prevent some Internet devices such as browsers from obtaining our real fingerprint information. By camouflaging the virtual fingerprint information to deal with the detection of the platform and website, and randomly generating multiple virtual browser fingerprints to provide the most secure protection for our account.

And Lalicat antidetect browser supports most of the third-party proxies, such as 911 S5 proxy, NetNut proxy, Smartproxy, YiLu Socks5 proxy, Bright Data/ Luminati proxy and others. For those engaged in the e-commerce industry, it is absolutely impossible to only consider the configuration environment of the browser without considering the IP. At present, the risk control of all cross-border e-commerce industries is very strict, and there will not be many loopholes. Lalicat antidetect browser can connect different IPs, which has environmental isolation, IP can accurately locate different countries, and can completely prevent the detection of the platform.

At present, the Internet has become a part of life, so we need a bodyguard who can protect our Internet privacy.