What is the Anti-Fingerprint Browser?

Tracking the fingerprint of the browser is what almost every website is doing now. After all, only by obtaining more user information than competitors can they make a better scheme than competitors. However, not all users are willing to return their information to these platforms. At this time, they need to use an anti-fingerprint browser to access the Internet. So what is an anti-fingerprint browser? How does it work?

What is an anti-fingerprint browser?

When we surf the Internet, some caches will be generated. These cached data will contain a lot of information about our browser, such as the browser brand we use, the IP of the browser, access time, and so on. These data can also be simply understood as cookies.

When we send a browsing request to the website again, the official website will judge whether the user is a new user through our cookie. If it is found that the user has visited the website, it will call the cache information and record it uniformly. Cookies and other browser fingerprint data are equivalent to a virtual ID of users entering the website to help the website identify users.

When users use the anti-detect browser to visit the website, the website can not correctly identify the user’s identity. To some extent, it plays a role in protecting the user’s privacy.

What are the anti-fingerprint browsers?

If you want to engage in business operations, then Lalicat anti-fingerprint browser must be the best choice.

Lalicat anti-fingerprint browser is not only suitable for individual users to protect privacy online, but also very suitable for teams to use. Because the main account user of the Lalicat anti-detect browser can create multiple sub-accounts, which are controlled by the main account, but different accounts can be managed independently. This can improve the work efficiency of the team and save management costs.

How anti-fingerprint browser works?

Taking Lalicat as an example, when the anti-fingerprint browser works, it can virtualize the anti-detect browser with different browser fingerprints. Because Lalicat takes apart all the parameters that make up the browser fingerprint and then forms a new browser fingerprint through random and free combination. In this way, the website can’t trace our real browser fingerprints.

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