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Anti-Fingerprint Browser VS Virtual Machine

Many users who have just engaged in e-commerce platforms such as Amazon do not know much about anti-fingerprint browsers and virtual machines. Many people only know that these two can be used to prevent accounts association, but they don’t know how to prevent association and the difference between the two.

Is the anti-fingerprint browser a virtual machine?

The anti-fingerprint browser and virtual machine are two completely different concepts.

(1) Virtual machine

The virtual machine is similar to a virtual system, which is to simulate a computer on a computer or device through certain means. This computer can have different operating systems and install different software. As long as the configuration passes, users can simulate multiple virtual machines on the machine, and there is no relationship between each virtual machine.

A simple example is that some computer enthusiasts have dual systems: Windows and MAC. These two operating systems exist in a computer at the same time, but they are independent of each other.

(2) Anti-fingerprint browser

The anti-fingerprint browser is not as troublesome as the virtual machine, and it can simulate many different browser fingerprints. Inside the anti-fingerprint browser, we can create multiple browser profiles and save them. These browser profiles are independent of each other. Compared with normal browsers, their functions have not been deleted and may be expanded.

The anti-fingerprint browser realizes the task goal of opening multiple browsers on one computer by virtualizing different browser versions and operating systems. The anti-fingerprint browser is more convenient to operate than the virtual machine. Now the mainstream anti association means is also to use the anti-fingerprint browser. Lalicat anti-fingerprint browser only needs one computer to virtualize multiple physically isolated browser profiles and manage these browser accounts at the same time.

What are the characteristics of an anti-fingerprint browser?

Compared with the virtual machine, an anti-fingerprint browser has the advantages of easy operation, easy access, wider application platform, and so on. Because the virtual machine needs to simulate the whole operating system, the computer is easy to get stuck. Moreover, if the virtual machine wants to switch accounts, it must first switch the system, and the operation is very complex. As long as the anti-fingerprint browser opens different browser profiles, it can manage different accounts, and the operation is very convenient.