Lalicat anti-detect fingerprint browser

What is the principle of fingerprint browser?

As the saying goes, know yourself and know your enemy, and win every battle. Fingerprint browser has always been an important tool for cross-border e-commerce, but many newcomers actually don’t understand the principle. Many so-called fingerprint browsers can’t prevent account association. This article will popularize the principle of fingerprint browser and recommend some useful fingerprint browsers.

Most platforms obtain our browser fingerprint through JS, and the function of fingerprint browser is to prevent JS from obtaining the real browser fingerprint. Now JS obtains the browser fingerprint mainly through the following methods.

Canvas is suitable for canvas to create different portraits. The browsers created by each computer are slightly different. After all, the devices related to the browser, motherboard, graphics card and some hardware and software are different, so the created portraits are different.

Plugins, which can get the plug-in of the browser.
Audio is similar to canvas. When it is converted into audio, the eanvironment will be different.
Font, by defining all the fonts of the computer, a fingerprint is generated. The width of different fonts is different. This is CSS font. The difference is determined by comparing the differences.

WebRTC, which can obtain your real IP address, uses the new protocol Stun and proxy HTTP protocol, so it has no practical relationship with Stun protocol, and stun is not displayed on Google console, so it is easy to be ignored.

Browser fingerprint tracking can be said to be impossible to prevent. Is there a browser on the market that can prevent fingerprint tracking? You can use the Lalicat fingerprint browser.

Lalicat fingerprint browser creates a virtual fingerprint canvas by modifying the fingerprint information of various factors that may determine the association. The platform cannot bypass Lalicat anti-detect browser to detect our real user information. The security of Lalicat anti-detect fingerprint browser can be said to be very high. With it, users do not need to worry about the problem of account.