Lalicat Antidetect Browser

The purpose of the anti-detect browser: Say goodbye to website customized advertising push

When you browse the Internet, are you often confused about why websites can always accurately push advertisements related to you, making you feel that your online whereabouts are constantly being monitored? Obviously, this will bring you a bad online experience. . This is mainly because of the fingerprinting technology of most websites.

Browser fingerprinting, a method of identifying users, is primarily used for advertising aimed at people, but can also be used to protect websites and accounts from unauthorized access.

What is browser fingerprinting?
Websites can use browser fingerprinting to identify users. It works by running a script that looks at the specific data the browser sends to the site and compiles it as a user’s profile. It’s called a fingerprint because, like a fingerprint on a finger, with enough data, it can become completely unique.

Browser Fingerprint and Device Fingerprint
The terms browser fingerprint and device fingerprint are often used interchangeably, but this is not entirely true. A device fingerprint or machine fingerprint is information about your device that is collected through a browser or application.

Browser fingerprinting is more specific and is all information collected through the browser. In addition to device information, it also includes data such as the type and version of the browser used, the operating system it is running, the language the browser is using, and many other minor data points such as screen resolution.

At first glance, this might seem like a normal thing. However, with enough of these data points, the user’s identity becomes increasingly clear and accurate. If the data is accurate enough, the relevant website can be very sure of who you are and use that information to target you with advertising.

How to get rid of website advertising push?
Those who are tired of customizing advertisements on websites or want to keep online privacy can try Lalicat antidetect browser, which is a true privacy browser.

When you are using Lalicat browser, you can simulate a new browser fingerprint and device fingerprint, use it to replace the original fingerprint to accept the fingerprint detection of the website, and hide your real fingerprint, so that when When you visit the site again, it will recognize you as a new user and cannot determine your real identity. And Lalicat can create countless browser configuration files, so there is no need to worry about the repeated use of fingerprints.

Although the current penetration rate of anti-detect browsers is far less than that of conventional browsers, with the changing needs of users to surf the Internet, the emphasis on privacy is also increasing, and antidetect browsers have begun to become popular in some industries.