Lalicat Anti Detect Browser

Anti Detect Browser Can Modify MAC Address

I am often asked a question: Can I hide the MAC address? What does the MAC address represent? What will happen if the MAC address is leaked? This article aims to carry out in-depth research on these problems.

What is a MAC address?
MAC address is a unique address. It is directly communicated by various devices in our devices through the hardware configurations assigned to us, such as Bluetooth and Ethernet card.

Will the MAC address be compromised?
Probably not. Websites will get our MAC address through Java. At present, ordinary websites will not get our Mac address, but some websites with high risk control may can get it.

In fact, our focus is not to ensure that the MAC address is not leaked, but to ensure that the privacy of our account is not leaked. We pay too much attention to this, but ignore other possible privacy factors. When running multiple accounts, we should ensure the independence of the account and that it is not tracked by the platform website. Simply preventing MAC addresses does not solve the problem.

How to ensure the security of the account?
Lalicat anti detect browser creates multiple independent and anti Association virtual browsers through its unique virtual browser technology. Each browser ensures the privacy of users, and can also modify the configuration of browser and hardware, let alone MAC address, which stifles the possibility of tracking our account by the platform.