Lalicat antidetect browser

How does an anti-detect browser work? Is it just clearing the browser cache?

What is browser cache?
Imagine that when you visit a website, your browser needs to download tons of information from the site, but most of these resources will not change for a period of time or even a long time, so when you open the website again, you need to reload them again, which will not only bring a certain burden to the server site you requested, but also slow down the speed of your opening of the target website. Repeated and meaningless loading takes up a lot of space. Network bandwidth wastes not only your precious time but also traffic. Therefore, the browser will download and save some resources of the website you have visited, so that it can be read directly when you open it again next time. This part of the content is the browser cache.

Many people know that you need to periodically clear your browser’s cache to reduce the load on your computer, thereby increasing the speed at which your browser loads web pages, including browser cookies, which contain your personal information. Therefore, many people think that the reason why multiple accounts logged in the same browser are associated is that the browser cache is not cleared. In fact, this is only part of the reason.

Since the website we visit will record other fingerprints of our browser, and the website server records the session ID of each user, simply cleaning the browser cache cannot say that the browser is clean, nor can it achieve the effect of anti-association.

How does the anti-detect browser work, and what is the working principle?
Take Lalicat anti detect browser as an example, it generates a brand new browser environment by modifying each of our factors that may be detected and causing association, and strictly encrypts our real fingerprints to simulate The real browser fingerprint makes the website think that you are a real new user, so that even if you log in to the accounts of multiple website platforms on one computer, the account association will not occur. And Lalicat also provides a variety of advanced fingerprint protection, which basically will not be penetrated by the risk control of most websites or platforms.

Regularly clearing the browser cache can indeed help us delete some invalid information on the computer and improve the response speed of the computer, but for account anti-association, it is still necessary to use a professional anti detect browser. Lalicat offers a 3-day free trial for all new users, contact us!