Lalicat anti detect browser

Why is it that the security management of multi-account operation must use anti detect browser?

Multi-account operation is usual in cross-border merchants, but if you do not do a good job in account protection, the consequences will be very serious. At present, most cross-border e-commerce are using professional software – anti-detect browser. Why do we say that multi account operation must use anti detect browser? The details should be explained from the following points.

Take Lalicat anti detect browser as an example.

At present, many browsers only prevent platform detection, and the anti association performance is not very high, but Lalicat anti-detect browser can be regarded as the ceiling of anti-association browser.

Multi platform and multi account management
Multiple accounts are centrally managed through virtual browser technology, which is not limited by the access of the platform. Combined with the built-in login matching settings of the software, the corresponding time zone, longitude and latitude and language are matched based on the user’s login area.

Lalicat anti detect browser makes full use of the virtual browser function to provide users with the most convenient scenes, and Lalicat antidetect browser is also widely used in scenes. It can be said that Lalicat can easily solve any problem about account, whether it is an e-commerce platform or a social media platform.

Hardware fingerprint anti-association
Create a browser fingerprint for each account through a virtual browser, just like using a different computer. Each created browser profile is equivalent to an independent network environment, in which all kinds of data are completely isolated and there will be no leakage of information.

Team assistance to provide efficient work efficiency
It supports permission allocation, batch export and import of browser profiles, and through cloud synchronization, managers can control the browser profiles information contacted by team members, which is very convenient.