Anti-Association For Multiple Accounts

Will the account be banned due to the association of multiple accounts? What are the practical tips for account anti-association?

I believe that all e-commerce businesses know the multi-account operations, but there are also many novices who have just entered the industry and don’t know anything about it. What is multi-account operation and how to prevent multi-account association?

What is account association?

Before we know what batch account operation is, we need to know what account association is.

At present, most e-commerce platforms prevent sellers from selling the same goods for the purpose of protecting buyers’ shopping experience. Therefore, most e-commerce platforms only allow one person, or a company can only have one account. E-commerce platforms will match the related factors through technical means and various data detection. If it is detected that some accounts are operated by the same person, It will be deemed to be associated, and your associated account will be forcibly closed.

Since the consequences of the platform’s determination of association are so serious, why do so many people choose to operate with multiple accounts? There are mainly the following points to help novices explore.

What are the benefits of multi-account operation?

In fact, no matter how much preparation you have made and how much information you have read before opening the store, you will also encounter many problems in your actual operation, such as selecting products, putting products on the shelf, and getting a lot of bad comments on your account. If you have only one account, it will be difficult to deal with, but if you prepare two accounts, you can save time and master the rules of the platform faster.

(1) Diversify operational risk

In the formal operation of the account, the problem that the remaining inventory cannot be delivered due to delayed delivery will certainly be encountered. At this time, the prepared inventory can be directly delivered from another store. Also, solve a lot of trouble.

(2) More exposure

If a store wants to do well, it must first have more display opportunities, which is also commonly known as exposure. If you want to occupy more markets, you can upload similar products of different accounts and brands. For example, a web page has 30 links, of which 20 are yours, then the probability of being purchased will be very high.

How to prevent account association?

Therefore, many people will choose multiple accounts operations, but the most important thing in this method is the anti association problem. The key is to create a clean environment that allows batch accounts to log in safely – Lalicat anti-association browser. This browser software can do this. It can generate multiple fingerprint browsers with a completely isolated physical environment on one computer, Each browser does not disturb each other, so as to achieve real physical isolation. The configuration information and fingerprint information of each browser are completely independent of each other, and there will be no leakage. It can be said that it is a browser specially designed for merchants.

We must pay attention to the problem of the anti-association of multiple accounts. Do not ban the account due to association problems, which is not worth the loss. Laliat anti-association browser can solve all the problems related to the account, and you can try it, Now new users can get a 3-day free trial now!