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Anti-Association Browser Can Solve Amazon Account Being Banned

Amazon is a popular cross-border e-commerce platform. Every year, a large number of sellers want to show their skills in the Amazon market. But many novices will find that their accounts are always banned for no reason, and the reason given by Amazon is also very vague. Why is your account always banned? A large part of the reason is that the account anti association is not in place. If you want to do a good job of account anti-association, you need to use the anti-association browser.

Amazon account being banned

Reason 1: products are not set according to platform rules

Amazon does not encourage sellers to sell products that are already on the platform or are highly similar, which will homogenize the platform products.

If you have multiple stores, each store has the same product on the shelves, and even the details and pictures have not been changed, Amazon will mark your account as a suspicious account and process the account.

Reason 2: using the brand name or logo for which copyright has been applied

Amazon believes that using other people’s brands or logos violates other people’s intellectual property rights and is not allowed.

For this behavior, Amazon’s punishment measures are also very strict, and the account may be frozen directly.

Reason 3: multiple accounts were found

Now Amazon’s detection of multiple accounts is becoming more and more frequent and strict.

Many sellers take chances and open multiple stores without taking any preventive measures. This will be detected by the platform, and the consequences are obvious – ban accounts.

Reason 4: brushing orders

Many novices will mistakenly think that Amazon’s evaluation is to brush the order. There is an essential difference between evaluation and brushing. Once a single brushing order is found, Amazon will review the account again and check the previous sales records. If the order brushing is serious, the store will also be treated accordingly.

Reason 5: re-register the account with the same information

No matter what reason you are banned by Amazon, all profiles of this account can not be used again. If you use it again, Amazon will directly ban the new account.

How to solve these problems?

These problems seem to be complicated. In addition to the problems of the product itself, we can use Lalicat anti-association browser to solve other problems. For accounts registered with Lalicat anti association browser, each account is an independent individual and the Amazon platform will not find that you have operated multiple accounts at the same time.

Then we should pay more attention to some details when operating the store, so as to ensure the normal operation of the account.