Lalicat Anonymous Browser

What kind of browser can be called anonymous browser?

Anonymous browser when most people hear this term, they may take it for granted that this anonymous browser may be an ordinary browser with privacy mode, but it is not. Anonymous browser is actually called antidetect browser. Because this browser can hide its real fingerprint information, it is called anonymous browser by many users.

Many people may say that my ordinary browser has opened the privacy mode, so can I hide my information? The privacy mode of ordinary browsers can only hide their browsing records, so that the next user of this computer can’t see their previous browser records. But the website still knows which websites you have visited.

What is the use of anonymous browsers?
Anonymous browsers are now mainly used in cross-border e-commerce. Because multi account operations lead to account association problems, anonymous browsers can hide their personal information. The platform can’t detect the suspicion that one person uses multiple accounts, so they won’t treat our accounts. This is a degree that ordinary browsers can’t reach. So that’s why so many people use anonymous browsers.

What kind of browser can be called anonymous browser?
In fact, there are many anonymous browsers on the market, but many anonymous browsers can not be called anonymous browsers. These browsers can not meet the requirements in terms of security, privacy and compatibility.

Lalicat anonymous browser can be called a real anonymous browser. By creating virtual identity information and testing it for the platform, the platform will not be able to detect our real user information, so as to meet the requirements of hiding our real information. Its unique scarcity is unmatched by other browsers. It can be said to be unique. With Lalicat anonymous browser, you can not worry about your account at all.