Anonymous Browser Protects Privacy Online

What is the anonymous browser? Is it an anonymous browser when an ordinary browser opens anonymous mode?

We are still unfamiliar with the new term ‘anonymous browser‘. After all, most people use ordinary browsers to surf the Internet, such as Chrome browser and Microsoft Edge browser. But people will find that these browsers have a function, anonymous mode. Are these browsers anonymous browsers? Of course not.

The anonymous mode in the ordinary browser can only prevent our browsing records from being saved by the computer, but the website or platform can still get our personal information and some of our browser records through the browser, so in essence, the anonymous mode is useless.

What is the anonymous browser?

Anonymous browsers are different from ordinary browsers. Some e-commerce platform sellers are familiar with them. One feature of these platforms is that merchants are not allowed to have multiple accounts. For example, when Facebook finds a person registering accounts in a batch for business activities, the accounts will be banned when detected.

The anonymous browser is developed to prevent these situations. Lalicat anonymous browser can safely help users log in and register accounts in batches on a computer without being detected by the platform. Ordinary users can also safely hide their personal information without worrying about being monitored by the website.

Why can Lalicat anonymous browser do this?

The reason is that it can create multiple virtual browser profiles on your computer, and the configurations in these virtual browsers can be set by yourself. Lalicat virtual browser can help you create a virtual “identity” and use this virtual “identity” to help you avoid the monitoring of websites and platforms. With this virtual “identity”, the platform can’t detect your real information.