Lalicat anti-association browser

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Amazon mobile evaluation software/PC evaluation software?

Amazon evaluation can be divided into mobile phone evaluation and web evaluation. Before, more mobile phone evaluation was used, because it is more in line with the operating habits of real users. However, with the continuous optimization of Amazon’s web end, many users also begin to use the website for shopping. So, for Amazon evaluation now, we should not only do the mobile phone evaluation, but also do the web evaluation.

Mobile phone evaluation
Operating system: Android / IOS
convenient operation, more in line with the usage habits of most users
1. Less information displayed
2. The cost required is relatively high
3. Weak anti-association ability

Web end evaluation
Operating system: mostly Windows
1. More information displayed
2. More convenient operation
3. High work efficiency
more data needs to be changed

When we operate on the computer, in order to avoid downloading multiple browsers, we can use some anti-association software: Lalicat anti-association fingerprint browser.

Lalicat anti-association browser:

Introduction to special functions of Lalicat:
1. Support custom longitude and latitude settings based on IP address
2. Custom MAC address and anti disclosure computer name
3. Support the input speed customization of simulated real people to avoid website detection, copy and paste
4. Support continuous updating of browser fingerprint database, browser profile cloud synchronization, and the software is not limited to computer login.

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