Lalicat fingerprint browser

What are the advantages of fingerprint browser?

Fingerprint browser is widely used in cross-border e-commerce industry, but many users have not touched this thing and do not know what fingerprint browser is? What can fingerprint browsers do? As well as the advantages of fingerprint browser compared with ordinary browser, I’ll give you a general introduction today.

What is fingerprint browser?
Fingerprint browser can regard it as a cross-border e-commerce multi-account management software. When we log in an account on the e-commerce platform, the platform will obtain the fingerprint information of our account. If we log in different accounts on a computer, the platform will determine the association of our account through the fingerprint information. At this time, the fingerprint information can be modified by using the fingerprint browser, so that our fingerprint information can not be detected by the platform.

What are the advantages of fingerprint browser?

Log in with multiple accounts and manage multiple accounts at the same time
When doing cross-border e-commerce, we often choose multi account operation. Fingerprint browser can effectively help us manage multiple accounts at the same time, which is very convenient.

Prevent account association
This is also the biggest advantage of fingerprint browser, which can prevent the association of multiple accounts. It is the leader in helping cross-border e-commerce sellers.

Lalicat fingerprint browser is the best browser at present. By dividing multiple different virtual environments, each of which is equivalent to a different computer, it generates different fingerprint information and logs in the account in these virtual environments. It seems that different people are operating these accounts, and the platform can’t detect the associated problems at all.
Lalicat fingerprint browser has the most advanced technical team to escort it. Users are completely different from worrying about what problems will occur. It can be said that it is specially developed for cross-border e-commerce.