911 proxy alternative- Yilu Socks5 proxy

911 S5 Proxy Alternative – YiLu Proxy

911 S5 proxy permanently shut down on Jul 28th, 2022. This news certainly comes as a bolt from the blue for those who are using 911 agents for all kinds of business. If you are one of them, then you must be in dire need of a 911 proxy alternative to help you keep operating your business. Here I recommend YiLu proxy to everyone. It is very similar in function to 911 proxy, and it is also a client version, which is more convenient than other proxies on the market that need to operate on web pages. You can purchase residential proxy IP, data center IP, dynamic rotating IP, etc. directly on the software. Next, I will introduce the software interface, price, and payment method of the YiLu S5 proxy.

YiLu Socks5 proxy supports English and Chinese.

Program: you can drag applications except YiLu to connect proxy network

Shared Static IP: all shared static IP addresses are here

Dedicated Static IP: you can see the dedicated static IPs you ordered and buy more here

Favorite: You can add an IP as a favorite, and see it here

History List: the static IPs you have used before

Rotating residential IPs: rotating residential IP and data center IP are here, and you can select country and city

Settings: you can set port, renewal rule, proxy engine, proxy rules, and so on

YiLu proxy requires users to recharge first. Different types of proxy IPs cost differently, you can see the picture below for details.

YiLu proxy supports Alipay and you can contact YiLu customer service by Telegram and pay the USDT.

The above is the relevant introduction to the YiLu proxy, if you are still looking for a 911 proxy alternative, try YiLu proxy!